Are you struggling with stagnant sales and customer retention and ready to see a surge in online sales?

Performance Marketing Assessment for Kitchen & Food Brands

Perfect for Kitchen & Food Brands That...

What to Expect with Our Performance Marketing Assessment ​

Here is what you can expect during your free 60 minute Performance Marketing Assessment ​Session


We dig deep into your store and look into your current situation.


Whether it's a pinch of fixes or a dash of automations, we're here to serve up solutions tailored to help you drive your online revenue.

Drive Revenue

You'll leave our kitchen with a clear and precise recipe to amplify your revenue. We aim to provide you with the right ingredients to concoct consistent revenue generation.

Here's what happens once you click the "schedule" button...

You’ll choose an available time slot in Kenny’s schedule, input your contact details, and provide some essential information so Kenny can adequately prep for your session.

You’ll receive an email calendar invite. Within the invite, you’ll receive further instructions to provide access for Kenny to perform a true assessment of your online store’s performance.

In the meeting, Kenny will present his findings from his assessment and the recommendations for driving more revenue through your online store.

Note: Space is limited as Forest City Digital only has time to complete 2 Performance Marketing Assessment per week. The team spends the rest of the week supporting his current clients.

Client Statistics

Increase in Organic Traffic
1 %

Through strategy execution across multiple channels, we significantly increased organically driven revenue for our clients.

Total Revenue Attributed
1 %
41% of total revenue for our clients can be directly attributed to our marketing automation campaigns and flows.
1 x

Our clients also see an average of 84x ROI across all of our services.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

Meet Kenny Trusnik

Hi there! I’m Kenny, nice to meet you! I am the founder and President of Forest City Digital.

For over a decade now, I have been growing businesses online, for companies like Toyota and Sherwin Williams.

While I know you may have been and can continue to do the marketing yourself, I know from experience that you cannot scale by yourself. That is why I believe having a trusted partner in your corner can help you take off.

With Forest City Digital, I aim to do just that. Help online stores like yours get to the next level through hands off digital marketing built to drive and sustain revenue for your business.

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Clients We've Helped Along the Way

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Performance Marketing Assessment | top seo company ohio 2023
Performance Marketing Assessment | top ecommerce marketing ohio 2023
Performance Marketing Assessment | top email marketing company ohio 2023

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